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Priority is given to children who require full time care.

Priority is given to siblings of those children already enrolled at the Centre and children attending Harrow School.

For the school age program, full time is considered two or three slots per day which are before school, lunch and after school.

For the infant and preschool program full time is considered 4 – 10 hours per day.

**When spaces are not available, parents must place their names on the Online Child Care Registry at manitoba.ca/onlinechildcareregistry.

Registration Deposit and Membership Fees:

HCCC requires all parents (subsidized or not) to pay a membership and a deposit fee prior to registration. The deposit guarantees your childcare space, is refundable and will be returned when there are no outstanding fees, two weeks notice of withdrawal is given and the account is cleared.


Infants and Toddlers (3 months - 2 yrs)

Flexible schedules and routines help children bond with their caregivers, learn and explore their surroundings.

Preschool (2-5 yrs)

Play is what we do and how we learn. Our dedicated educators provide a loving and stimulating atmosphere with lots of hugs and cuddles to help create a home-like environment.

We offer developmentally appropriate curriculum which allows each child to experience a play based program designed to promote social, cognitive, physical and creative opportunities.

School Age (6-12yrs)

Our school age program offers a wide variety of opportunities for children ages 6 - 12 years. Open communication, a chance to explore, discover and create lifetime learning experiences is what we strive to achieve.

We believe the importance of positive guidance, role modeling and problem solving will help to create productive and confident future leaders in our community.

Our dedicated staff explore with the children, ideas and interests which together form the direction in which activities, clubs and programming are implemented.