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All invoices and receipts are emailed. The Centre accepts only EFT as a form of payment.

Fees are due by the DUE DATE indicated on the invoice. Parents are responsible for ensuring payments on their account is made on time. If the account is not paid in full on the business day following the due date, a $5.00 late fee will be charged to the account daily. If fees are not paid in full by the end of the billing period, childcare services will be terminated.

Infant Rate: Full Time (4 hours or more per day)

  • $30.00 per child per day or $600.00 per 4 week billing period.

Preschool Rate: Full Time (4 hours or more per day)

  • $20.80 per day per child or $416.00 per 4 week billing period.

Care is based on a regular 8 hour day. If your child is here more than 10 hours, an extra fee of $10.40 per day will be charged. Care 10 hours or over MUST be approved by the Director.


School Age Rate: Full Time (2 or 3 slots per school day)

  • $10.30 for 2 - 3 slots per child or $206.00 per 4 week billing period
  • An additional $10.50 for each in-service day
  • $20.80 for all holidays, Spring Break, Christmas Break and Summer Break

** Fees are charged regardless of child’s attendance for both preschool and school age programs.


Summer Care

Full fees are charged per child per day regardless of your child's attendance. If you do not require summer care you must either pay the fees or withdraw your child. If you withdraw your child you are NOT guaranteed your space back and your name is placed on the waiting list.


NSF Charges

A $25.00 NSF charge will be applied to all NSF or CANCELLED EFT transactions.